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1.       This is not an error.  The visa is issued in the name that appears in the passport.  FNU means First Name Unknown. 

If the surname is not included in the passport as in the following example: Given Name: Happy Traveler; Surname: Blank The visa will be issued as follows: Given Name: FNU; Surname: Happy Traveler

If the passport contains only the surname of the holder and not a given name as in the following example: Given Name: blank; Surname: Happy Traveler The visa will be issued as follows: Given Name: FNU; Surname: Happy Traveler

If you have only one name, or if your name appears in one line in your passport, your full name goes in the surname field and “first name unknown”, or “FNU,” goes in the given name. We recommend obtaining a new passport with given and surnames if possible.

Reciprocity determines the validity period of a visa.  For some nationalities, that means three months from the date on which the visa is issued.  If you clearly stated your proposed date of travel when completing the DS-160 online application form and the visa expires before you are due to travel, please send back the passport via EMPOST courier service and we will provide further information and assistance.  If, however, you did not give your date of travel or your travel plans have changed and the visa will no longer be valid, you will be required to apply for a new visa and pay another visa fee.

When issuing a petition-based visa, we use the name in the Petition Information Management System which may differ from that on the Notice of Action, Form I-797. This does not need to be corrected as the visa is valid for travel.

When issuing an L-1 visa, we will issue based on reciprocity, not the validity period of the approved petition as reflected in the Notice of Action, Form I-797. In the case of British citizens we will issue a five year visa.

The information printed on an issued U.S. visa should match the information in the applicant’s passport. If you discover an error (misspelling, error in the date of birth, error in the expiration date, etc.) on your U.S. visa within one year of the visa’s issuance date, you should send the passport back via the EMPOST service with an attached letter explaining the errors. 

Empost link:

If your visa has been damaged, you will need to reapply for a new visa. You may contact  for more information.