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Foreign citizens coming to the United States must have in their possession a passport, visa, and/or other official travel document to show their country of citizenship and legal permission to ask for entry to the United States.

We encourage travelers to make a copy of their passport’s biographic page and U.S. visa prior to their arrival in the United States. If you are a foreign citizen temporarily in the United States, and you lose your U.S. visa, you can remain for the duration of your authorized stay, as shown on your admission stamp in your passport. You will need a valid passport to depart the United States and to enter another country.

If your passport containing a valid U.S. visa is lost or stolen, you are required to report the loss or theft to the Embassy. Please email with the following documents:

·         Your full name, date and place of birth.

·         The number and nationality of the lost or stolen passport.

·         The type of visa held and date and place of issuance.

·         Description of the loss or theft and if it has been reported to the police and/or your embassy. 

·         If reported to the police, please provide a scanned copy.


Note:  The email address is for the exclusive use of those reporting a lost or stolen passport. Unsolicited emails will automatically be deleted.

Once you have reported your passport as lost or stolen we will not be able to amend your record should you find the passport. Please search carefully for your passport before reporting it lost or stolen.

Visas which have been lost or stolen cannot be “reissued.”  The bearer must apply for a new U.S. visa in their new passport, including paying the visa fee, completing all necessary forms, and attending a visa interview if required.